【Download】Tải Ghost win 7 64bit Bản Chuẩn Đã Cài Full Soft

Bản ghost win 7 64bit is one of the most sought-after ghost versions by users. It is an effective way to save a lot of time when troubleshooting Windows issues. Today, Softbuzz is sharing a free professional 64bit ghost version of Windows 7 with you. Let’s dive in!

The Birth of the Ghost Version

As a laptop and computer technician for nearly 10 years, I understand that installing Windows can be time-consuming. From manually installing Windows to installing full drivers and necessary applications such as Office, Unikey, and web browsers, the process can be quite tedious.

Although Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 operating system with numerous updates, applications, and exciting features to cater to most users’ needs, Windows 7 still remains a trusted operating system for many users. Windows 7 is preferred due to its stability and high compatibility with various industries and educational fields. However, installing Windows 7 can be time-consuming, not only waiting for the installation process to complete but also installing necessary software applications and full drivers for the system.

To address this issue, I have created a standardized and stable ghost win 7 64bit professional version with multiple updates to suit users’ needs. Softbuzz has used this ghost win version to install on thousands of PCs and laptops for customers of our laptop rescue center and many other computer repair centers throughout Vietnam.

Why I Use Windows 7 Pro

Windows operating systems have released different versions, such as Windows 7 Starer, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Win 7 Professional, Win 7 Ultimate, and Win 7 Enterprise.

Among these versions, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate are the most commonly used. The Ultimate version is often used in businesses that require high security, making it heavier and requiring higher computer specifications. On the other hand, the Pro version provides all the necessary features for personal users, offering stability, lightness, and smooth operation.

Therefore, this ghost win 7 64bit version is created from the Windows 7 Pro edition, providing users with a stable experience.

Ghost win 7 64bit

Advantages of the Ghost Win 7 64bit 2020 File

Here are the advantages of the ghost win 7 64bit 2020 file:

  • You can use this ghost win version to install on any computer. It is an open format that anyone can use.
  • This ghost version has been downloaded and installed on thousands of computers, ensuring stability and smoothness.
  • It is created from the original Windows 7 Microsoft 64-bit version, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity.
  • Although the ghost file size is large, it can be quickly unpacked. It is suitable for all user needs, from office work to gaming.
  • It is not overly optimized, ensuring high stability.
  • Comes with additional customization options: turning off Windows 7 firewall and Windows update.
  • It is compatible with all laptop models and current computer configurations.
  • You can only install and unpack this ghost win on computers with standard BIOS Legacy and MBR hard drives, not suitable for computers with UEFI and GPT BIOS.

Why wait? Download Ghost win 7 64bit Fshare now and experience the stability of this Windows 7 version immediately.

Ghost Win 7 64bit

Notes When Using the Ghost Version

Make sure to read the following notes before using the ghost version to avoid wasting time:

  • It is recommended to download wandriver win 7 64bit to install full drivers before unpacking the ghost file. This version does not come with full drivers installed. Back up the necessary applications to ensure compatibility with all laptop models and expedite the backup process.
  • This ghost version is created for free sharing with everyone. I use over 90% of it for laptops and limit its use for PCs.
  • Use Norton Ghost or Ghost32 instead of Acronis Disk True Image to unpack the ghost file.
  • Ghost Win 7 x64 is integrated with essential tools such as Office, Unikey, Ultraiso, and Ultraviewer.
  • This ghost version is suitable for most laptop models. However, if your laptop is from the 7th generation onwards, it is recommended to install Windows 10 as these models do not support ghost win 7 and may not have full drivers, leading to instability.
  • When using Wandriver, disable the audio driver as some laptops may recognize the wrong audio driver.
  • It is not recommended to update IDM. Choose “Cancel” when prompted to update IDM. If you have mistakenly updated it, uninstall IDM and download the latest full version from Softbuzz for reinstallation.
  • If you encounter an activation prompt or license activation requirement after unpacking the ghost file, update it using the Active Win 7 or Windows Loader method.
  • If Office prompts for activation, use KMSpico to re-activate it.

Ghost Win 7 64bit

Additional Installed Software

Here are some popular applications that have been pre-installed in this Ghost win 7 64bit V8 version:

  • Unikey Vietnamese typing software.
  • Winrar 5.6.1 – the best compression and decompression software for computers.
  • Google Chrome browser.
  • Cốc Cốc browser.
  • IDM download support tool.
  • Net Framework 4.7 library.
  • Microsoft Office 2010: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.
  • Ultraiso – software for reading ISO files.
  • Ultraviewer – remote PC control software.
  • Full collection of beautiful fonts.
  • Foxit Reader – PDF file reader.
  • VLC Media Player – video playback software.
  • C++ 2015 library.
  • Your Uninstaller – application uninstaller.
  • Hotfix to prevent Unikey from being eaten by viruses.

Installation Configuration

Here are the installation configuration requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core dual or higher (works well with G and Core I series chips).
  • RAM: 4GB or more.
  • Hard drive: More than 20GB.
  • Graphics card: No need for a separate VGA card, onboard VGA with DirectX 9 version is sufficient.
  • You can use an SSD for quicker unpacking.

Download Ghost Win 7 64bit Standard Version with Full Softwares Installed

For a faster download, use IDM Full to download the ghost Win 7 64bit file from Google Drive or Fshare. Please note that this ghost win 7 64bit full soft file size is over 6GB. Click on the links below to download:

Mega | Google Drive | Fshare

Make sure to carefully read the instructions before downloading the ghost win 7 64bit full soft file and prepare all the drivers beforehand.

Download Links Download Links Download Links

If you prefer to use the Windows 32bit version, you can check out the Ghost win 7 32bit full soft customizable version.

How to Install Ghost Win 7 64bit Customizable Version

This is one of the stable ghost win 7 versions suitable for working and gaming on computers. After downloading the ghost win 7 64bit full soft file, you can easily follow the detailed installation instructions available on Softbuzz. Make sure to have all the necessary drivers ready for installation after unpacking the ghost file. This is crucial and requires your attention.

Note: This ghost win 7 version is created using Norton Ghost, so you can use Ghost 32 or Onekey ghost to unpack the file. It is recommended to use USB Anhdv, DLC boot, Hirenboot to format the C partition (Windows) before unpacking the ghost win 64bit file. This ensures a clean and safe system by removing junk files and viruses.


Softbuzz promises to update the ghost win 7 pro 64bit 2020 version as soon as possible to serve everyone. We hope for your support and sharing of this article for the community.

Wishing you success! Thank you for following our article! Don’t forget to share it with others.

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